What is Café Counts?

CafeCounts.com is a simple, yet powerful online tool that allows teachers to easily submit their daily classroom lunch counts to the cafeteria. It's the ideal solution for a district of any size.


Will appreciate the time-saving simplicity of taking their daily classroom lunch counts on their desktop/laptop computer or tablet.

School Office Staff

Will be pleased to go green and no longer have to deal with paper, calculators, and fax machines.

Cafeteria / Central Kitchen Staff

Will be able to better prepare menu counts based on more accurate and timely information. Specific reports are available based on the kitchen’s needs.

School District

Will appreciate an inexpensive, easily implementable solution that provides real-time counts, immediately increases efficiency, decreases waste, and provides an overall positive experience for teachers, students, parents, and kitchen staff.

Quick Demo


Submitting your daily lunch counts is quick and easy. Just launch Café Counts in your desktop or tablet web browser each morning to be automatically logged in to the Today's Counts page. Select the desired menu item for each student in your class. Choose if you would like to order lunch from a teacher-only menu and then click "Save Changes".

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"The Café Counts program is awesome!!! Great job and well done!!! It has saved countless hours and trees."
Susie Howat
Office Manager, Manhattan Beach Unified School District
"Café Counts has been a wonderful asset to our morning classroom routine through its seamless and efficient lunch accounting system. It is by far the best reporting method we have ever used and is user-friendly for both teachers and students alike! :)"
Kiley Duncan
Teacher, Manhattan Beach Unified School District
"Café Counts is amazing and so simple! Simply log in... your entire class roster and lunch options are ready to go. The kids can simply tap their lunch choice on the iPad or SMART Board. Very easy to use and the lunch count is done quickly!!!"
Kari Pliaconis
Teacher, Manhattan Beach Unified School District
"I've really enjoyed using Café Counts. We will definitely have all the teachers up and running in the coming year. I had a teacher who just started using it for the first time say it was so much easier than doing it by hand and sending it to the office. Not only did they submit quickly and accurately, but they do not have to send any students to the office which interrupts class instruction. I think all the teachers will find the same experience once they use it. From my stand point, I felt it was very simple and easy to use."
Kathy Poje
Office Manager, Manhattan Beach Unified School District